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Halle Bailey Little Mermaid Replaced With A White woman

An Artificial Intelligence artist has sparked backlash after making a digitally altered version of the new, "The Little Mermaid" trailer, replacing Halle Bailey with a white woman.

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For too long the position of the black woman has been questioned and her role seems unclear in society. She has always been portrayed most often as the mother of "gang bangers", "prostitutes" etc. in cartoons and movies and the world has accepted her in the most deplorable way.

Honestly speaking a large % of black women has allowed this narrative to be accepted based on their situation that was created by those who's tunes the world and media danced to.

Growing up, I've always seen #thelittlemermaid portrayed as a white girl and that's how the world has come to know it. My question is, why is it that black people rather to fit in and not create and dominate especially when it comes to our peoples empowerment?

We have the skills, the talent and other resources. Together we can pool our finance and put our best minds at work to develop life changing things that will empower the mind of our youths especially.

Take Nollywood for example, it's a multi million dollar entertainment industry created by Nigerians and is watched worldwide.

We don't need to be the next James Bond or Little Mermaid to be accepted by an organization that will never allow us to rule and live according to our will. How about protraying the great ones before us, so many kings and queens history is yet untold. Even our peoples tales is yet to hit the big screen.

My closing points, #LittleMermaid was created by a group of people for the empowerment of their kids not blacks. Try this instead, abandon their media and create yours where you share your own narratives.

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